Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

2 times Poland // 2nd part Kraków

Came back from the opening of my solo exhibition "Creatures From The 23rd Dimension" at BARAKA in Krakow. The 5 days in the city were incredible! The cityself itself looks like a movie background because it looks so unbelievable great. I arrived on tuesday after 4 hours delay and started to prepare the installation for the exhibition. After working on wednesday 14 hours and thursday 6 hours the show/installation was ready... the opening was a blast with around 400 people coming by. After too much wodka i needed a day off and painted with NAWER on saturday. Big dschinkuje to Maciek (and his wife for the super saturday evening dinner) and NAWER for the great time in Krakow! Hello and see you to Bartek, Magda and all the people i met!

BARAKA ... if you are in Krakow check it out! a super cool place for a coffee and maybe some wodka ;)

Tuesday: Starting the installation

Wednesday: 14 hours of building and painting

Thursday: Final touch ups and OPENING!

Painting at FABRYKA on saturday

NAWER x BASE23 | Laser Elevator

Dear german readers check the sign on the top of the front window

Exhibition at YARD5/Berlin

Just finished the exhibition at YARD5 store in Berlin before going to Krakow for my solo exhibition at BARAKA.

2 times Poland // 1st part Białystok

First i was invited doing a workshop for artschool students and graff writers in Bialystok alongside RSN-ODIN (Bialystok), AZO (Kiev) and SUNT (Gdansk). I stayed some days and really enjoyed the city while painting three small collaboration pieces in the free time. THANKS Tomasz and his lovely wife, "the teachers", the people from the workshop, the guys from the short movie festival and crazy Peter for the good time!

I don`t really believe in any kind of religion but the churches were just awesome!

One of the oldest stores in town and the logotype is a burner!

Some weird "german bars" in the city centre

Beware of the dog!

The Crew! Represent!

Detail of the collabo with AZO

On my stop over in Warszawa

In the meantime...

... i painted this one in Berlin with WESR from Lima/Peru.

Next Level: Lisboa

After the "hard working" summer i spent a week in Lisboa/Portugal to relax. The city is just awesome and definetly worth a visit or two,three,... I will put in some more flicks of the city and the awesome OSGEMEOS exhibition. Thanks to CREYZ and Ivan from DedicatedStore for the cool time and beers and Malte for the tips and tricks :)

Detail of the piece with CREYZ in the streets of Lisboa (at 45 degrees :)

He is no good to me dead!

Just a small appetizer by JUST from the piece with KACAO77 for the book "GRAFF WARS" published by Kontur Forlag. Available now in a galaxy not so far away...

Now you know what i did last summer...

Finally i managed to sort out some flicks from this summer. I don`t know where to start exactly... anyway here we go... (click on the images to enlarge)

This is part of a production with BOAone and LEIKA done in Berlin...check the new issue of STYLEFILE :)

This one is with M2theA my "crew member" from Denmark

Detail of the piece i did with MEKone at Roskilde festival. Once again a nice trip where i met lots of cool people! Yo Bone, Enuff, Fred, Nose, Stereo, Kers, Chucky,... Thanks and skål to TIWS!


After Roskilde festival there was for sure time for another "small" piece :) This one goes out to the copenhagen connection BONE and TIWS!

MEKone x BASE23 Ice Crusher

After Roskilde festival i was heading to Hamburg where my brothers already started to paint the "Hotel Commodore" right across the FC St.Pauli Stadium entrance. Another 3 days of mayhem with Mister Förtress at his lovely "Hotel Vomit".

First piece was with SEPR from Bristol on the right. Some weeks later the one with SATone on the left followed.

Detail from the piece with SATone