Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009


Finally here are the last flicks of my recent trips...

Lunatic Festival | Lüneburg

Here is what happened in short
1. Met my friend uncle Smirnoff
2. First outline
3. A little problem with the balance (17.00h)
4. Finished dirty character

Thanks to the Lunatic crew, uncle smirnoff, red bull and becks for their support! I had a great time!
After the festival i went off to Hamburg citeeey. On sunday i went half drunk with brother SUPE to Itzehoe.

Supe Base23 Festival | Itzehoe

SUPE BASE23 | Eye Waterfalls

Zonenkinder Base23 Festival | Hamburg

This is one of the greatest signs i have seen in my life ("We have space for graffiti artists! Go for it! ...but only on the backside wall")

Fade away

BASE23 ZONENKINDER | Yummy brezn!


Yo! Here is what happened in the past few weeks...
i went to Bremen to visit my good ol`friend KEWS of WB crew, paint as much as possible and celebrate the allmighty DFB Pokal winner WERDER BREMEN! My partner in suff MEK One was also in town and all friends know what this means... PARTYYY!

BASE23 KEWS MEK | Hand of Fire


SEIK BASE23 KEWS | Robo Attack