Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Las Máquinas de Pintura de la RAL GalaxiaParte Uno

For those who couldn`t make it to the GGGala here are the photos of my latest paintings | Acrylics and spraypaint on canvas

Detalle Uno/Dos | Each 10 x 10cm

Galaxia | 60 x 60 cm

Invasión de la Planeta / 20 x 40cm
Invasión el Medio de Comunicación / 30 x 50cm

La Resurrección | 45 x 60cm

Machina Uno / 18 x 24cm | Machina Dos / 18 x 24cm

Máquina Diabólica | 30 x 30cm

Ojo Loco | 30 x 30cm

Montag, 23. März 2009


The Pictoplasma conference was held last weekend in Berlin. My mate Förtress was in town to paint with The London Police at FIT Tankstelle (an old gas station) for the conference. Check it out here. After a visit at the Tankstelle, some beers, sushi, tequilla, supalife, beer and pizza we decided to paint at Cassiopeia Skatehall the next days.

Bitzkrieg Bop! FÖRTRESS BASE23

Here are some flicks from the "NIX KRISE" exhibition at SUPERPLAN gallery. Check it out you lazy bastards till the 27.03.!

Overview 1

"Konsum-Gutschein" BASE23 | Hommage to an stupid idea of the german government to solve the problems of the "financial crisis"

Overview 2

Another CPHxBxTKY Production

Bone, Rame and me painted at SKANDAL! youthclub a week ago. Was fun again to meet compadre Rame from Tokyo (Sadly he was in town because his girlfriend`s sister tragically passed away in an car accident)


BONE(R), BASE23, Andrea (R.I.P.) by RAME

SUBWAY ART | Common Ground Gallery

The "bible" Subway Art was just released in a new format plus around 80 new flicks! `nuff said, just get it! Offline here and online here!

Opening night

Double page samples on the wall
(Maybe now you imagine the size of the book)