Montag, 17. November 2008

In the streets of Berlin

Got a permission for this wall in the streets of Friedrichshain and painted with Bone the last week (seems like there are still some people who like graffiti). Here you go!

Bone and Base23

Robot of the RAL galaxy

Found this on a website for the artfair "Berliner Liste" (Prost Pisa73 and Evol!). Usually i hate advertising but i think this is really cool and it`s one of my favorite type of beer. It says "Finally this is art that everybody understands!"

Mittwoch, 5. November 2008


My friends from Soulfire Hi-Fi Soundsystem celebrate their 10th birthday and i did the t-shirt design for them. Here you go all original massive!

5 color silkscreen print

I did this toy "Warriors" tag for the band Vom Segeln for their latest tour poster. Really like it. Check their awesome diy animation videoclip here!!!

News?! aka forgotten posts

In may was a Mark Bode signing at Overkill shop in Berlin for his Puma Clyde release. Me and Kart went there with Bode comic books and were allowed to take some photos of his sketchbook. To my surprise he asked me to draw something in his sketchbook!

Cobalt 60

Cheech Wizard checks the chicks

Mark Bode and me drawing

Quick Cheech Wizard tribute i did in Mark`s sketchbook

Mek organized that we could paint at the GraffitiBox Jam at the Yaam club in Berlin on the 20th of july. The weather was a mess and we drunk more beer to let the sun shine :) There were plenty of writers and live rap acts the whole day. Really cool event!


Mek and Base23