Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

Back to the roots!

Just took a rest from horror business and went up to the north of germany to visit my parents, friends, the baltic sea and the summer exhibition of the university where i studied. Of course i painted with my partners in crime MEKI ONE, SOUP DA ROCK, FRED ONER and PREZ TIGER!

That`s how i felt after partying in Hamburg...

Tiger, Relay, Base23, Supe23, FredOne

The Dark Knights: Base23 and MekOne in Kiel-Gotham City

Bat-Joker! Detailflash

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Los Falsos Amigos

The movie premiere will be held on friday the 18th at Lebowski | Niederbarnimstr. 23 | Berlin Friedrichshain!

Worked like hell to finish this movie poster for the Hans und Grete production house. Today i received the printed poster and it looks great! In cooperation with AfterEffectsKing-Bamber i did the trailer for the movie.

Sneak Preview

Finished the catalogue for the fall 2008 collection today. Three new artworks will be printed and three "classics" again.

D|CIDE Spring 2008 Collection

Missed to post the latest t-shirt graphics here... Here they are! From left to right: "Machtapparat", "Cop City", "What for?", "Kraftwerk" and "Walk this way". If you are interested in a shirt let me know.


DigitalInk send me this photo today. Sick! Don`t know if this a fake, in a training camp, in Irak, ...

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Commercial Break!

In cooperation with Vice Magazine Germany i did this artwork for Sony. The job was 3 days of fun to build an 25 sqm apartement out of cardboard. I really like the artwork and thought i should share it with you. The ad is in the "Mexican" issue over two pages! Yeah, yeah, i know...sell out...blabla...have you ever read this book? its pretty good!

Painting the floor, building the "room" interior, painting the interior,...drinking beer

Finishing the interior, painting the ground plan and moving "furniture" at the photo shooting

Final Advertisement

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008

Barcelona again!

Last week i went to Barcelona again to spend some holiday there. The weather was awesome and i spent some days in the city and went to Freaks (a must for all comic-, figure-, dvd-, artbook-geeks), Montana Shop/Gallery, Iguapop Gallery and afterwards directly to beach. To my surprise Barcelona runs the Zero Tolerance Program like New York and all legal spots are closed (Learn more here)

Took a regional train to a canal near barcelona. It was the biggest hall of fame i have seen, hundreds of metres both sides covered with graffiti.

Small impression of the canal

Went with some friends to the opening of the BreadandButter Fair at Placa Espanya. One of my favorite bands The Hives played there (i have never seen them live!) and Ray Cookes moderated the night. Pure fun, barbeque and beer for free.

2 Guys from England painted this wall at the BnB Fair. Really like the characters