Sonntag, 27. April 2008

Oslo X Berlin

Today i painted with some guys from Oslo. Okay... only with MIZR `cause the others had a hang over from partying... It`s always the same with painting on sundays...haha... Shout outs to Mek, Supe and Kart for painting after wasted nights on sundays since 1995!

Muerte Part2

Party in the West

Me and some friends went to a party initiated by Solebox at the weekend. The location was directly at Kurfürstendamm /Gedächtniskirche on the 7th floor and i thought i should share the view.

Bruce Lee would be proud of this dope place!?

Dienstag, 15. April 2008


Here is some "old" artwork i did for the "The Tape vs RQM" exhibition at Supalife Kiosk in Berlin on the 17.03.2007. Still like the artwork, never posted here and check out RQM as well!

Copenhagen X Berlin

Base "Muerte" 23

Gebes from Copenhagen was in Berlin for a few days and we painted yesterday with the support of the owner. Did you ever meet graffiti friendly people who gave you wallpaint for free and ordered their kids to help you to whiten the wall?

Montag, 7. April 2008

D|CIDE T-Shirts Spring 2008

At Big Brobot and other
selected stores!

D|CIDE / BASE23 X 667

Here are the 4 designs i did for 667`s spring collection! (Click image to enlarge) If you are interested in the t-shirts contact Big Brobot

Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

NVA Berlin // WEARE Online Store

Last weekend Mek and Sleek were in Berlin and we went to a really cool hall of fame in the east. It`s an old military area with lots of space to paint.

Just had some beers with Steffen of the weare Online Shop. These guys just opened business and sell stuff from Cleptomanicx, Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Burton Snowboards. All the be$t! Check it out here

Urban Feedback Update

Finally here are the photos of the Urban Feedback exhibition in Basel/Switzerland. All photos PISA73


"Lost my head"