Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Home Sweet Home

Here are finally the photos of my artwork from the "OneSizeOnePrize" exhibition at Superplan! It`s a fake security camera with motion detector in disguise for your living room! Photos by Ralf Blickle

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2008

Donuts Party | Paris 31.01.2008

I am invited to this crazy exhibition in Paris at Artoyz Gallery; initiated by Delkographik Studio. For those who can`t make it to Paris here is my artwork. All artworks will be the same size and printed on canvas. Thanks EasyHey/Delkographik Gangsters!

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008

Vive la France! Part 2

Ghoul BASE23

Last week i spent 5 days in Basel and was under some circumstances part of the Urban Feedback Exhhibition (Thanks Tore, Roland and Ralle!). I finished painting at the exhibition and went with FlyingFortress, Smash137, Jers and Jury to France to paint there. It`s really cool that you can go to France and Germany by car in half an hour from Basel. The spot is killer! Thanks Ress and Smash for picking me up! More flicks from the exhibition coming soon! Check www.urbanfeedback.net

Heiligabend feat. MekOne and Syter

Here is the last piece i did in 2007 on christmas eve. Our hands froze to death, girlfriends and family members called every 10 minutes to check if we are in time for dinner and the cans fucked up because of minus degrees. Halleluja! (Click image to enlarge)


I was in Amsterdam for 5 days in december. On my trip i checked some cool shops, "china town", nice cafes, restaurants and the awesome streets and grachten. SPACE ODDITY is definitely the No.1 toyshop in town! Tons of robots, vintage Star Wars, japanese toys, just everything that let you freak out on two floors! The owner is a robot collector himself and very friendly. A must see for every toy nerd! Check www.spaceoddity.nl

2m Bandai Display from the 80`s and 2nd floor

Robot Invasion

HypeDeathSkull | Flevopark

DSCREET in Berlin

My buddy and KOB crew partner DSCREET came to the Superplan exhibition (Check www.superplan.net for really great artworks!) and stayed another 10 days in Berlin. He fucked up my a apartement, always drunk and talked crazy shit to every girl. In the end we painted at Cassiopeia Skatepark with a trashcan as a ladder in the rain. What a perfect time!

BASE23 | Self portrait

DSCREET aka Dr. KIPL and ME.

NAILS from Melbourne sent me this production some time ago. Burner!
Click the image to enlarge.