Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Barcelona summer madness!

Base23 and Stero from Milano, Italy

Once again barcelona was a flash and seems to be the summer graffiti capital. Or do you know a place where you meet writers from Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and of course Spain within 8 hours!? The hall was covered the latest and freshest pieces from writers from all over the world. Don`t wait! Visit Barcelona! Check out the Montana store, they just released a map where you can find hall of fames and skatespots.

Montag, 16. Juli 2007

The heat is on!

Painted at 45 degrees. Happy Birthday Spile! Shout outs to his family!

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

Artwork for Deathless Exhibition at ISPO Munich

"Skateboarding prohibited!"

Ispo Munich

Bonk, Boxi, Evol, Pisa73, Tofa and me exhibited at the ISPO in munich this weekend. Here are some flicks that give you a small impression of 4 days chaos, beer and arena bikini chicks! More photos soon. Thanks to Michael of Deathless gallery!

Bonk, Pisa73, Base23, Tofa

Loomit, Scotty, Base23 and Tofa

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2007

Random stuff

PUNK RAWK! ... or just drunk!?

Supafridge aka "The Schlangenmensch"
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Sittin on chrome!